Monday, July 25, 2011

The Path I Walk

This has always been something that fascinates me. Not hallways but how we walk them. Everyday I walk this path. I walk this path many times throughout my day. This path leads to my bedroom or if I turn left it goes to the bathroom and laundry room. I have walked this path for almost 10 years now. This path has not changed in that time. Everything is right where it was when we moved in.

Anyway, I have noticed that when I walk this path in the "light" I have no problems. I don't even pay attention to where I am walking. I know the way. I walk with confidence and no fear. Sometimes I even have things in my hands.

I have also noticed that when there is no "light" things take a drastic change. I no longer walk fast or with confidence. I walk very slowing and am hesitant about where I walk. I even put my hands out to feel the way. I also have great fear that I will bump into something even though I know nothing has changed.

Why is this? Perhaps when we walk in the "light" things are clearer and we can see the dangers very well. When we walk in "darkness" things are disguised. Things are not where we think they should be. Suddenly the wall is not where we thought it was.

So, in conclusion, we should always walk in the "light" because we know who the giver of light is and we know who the giver of darkness is.

Does anyone care to shed any "light" on this matter?


Susan Anderson said...

Good analogy, Karen!


Testosterone Therapy said...

Very insightful analogy!

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

I have had a similar thought about the light, many times. It makes a huge difference in my life....spiritually and ordinary too

Candace said...

Great post, Karen! I agree!

Rachael said...

like it :)

Is it Down said...

I love this post! It really made me think about some things in my own life. Thanks.