Monday, April 14, 2014

524 5th Avenue

524 5th Avenue was known as Nannie's house.  It has always been my true home base.  If I were a salmon this is where I would come to.  It has always been here.  It is the one thing in my life that never really changed.  In fact when you would go into the house, everything was always in the same place and it was the last time I was there.

The house has been in our family for many years. (since the mid 1800's)  This is the first time that someone in our family won't own it.  Grandpa died in 1991 and Nannie died in 1999.  My uncle has lived there and he let the house get into great disrepair.  (he is now in a care home at 69)  Anyway, the only way to save the house was to sell it.  No one could afford to fix it.  But on the bright side, some very good people bought it and they will fix it up really nice.

It is hard to let 524 go but it also has taught me that the important things in life don't change.  I will always treasure my memories and time spent at 524 5th Avenue.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mixed Emotions

I have so many feelings and emotions running around in me that I don't know how to feel.  Let me explain.  There are several things happening that I am not sure how to feel about them.

My Son Daniel- He was here this weekend and we had a wonderful visit.  But it is always a mixed bag when he leaves.  I feel happy, sad, guilty, you name it I feel it.  For those of you who don't know, Daniel is disabled and has lived in a group home since he was 5.  He is now 25.

My Grandmother's House- Nannie passed away in 1999 but my uncle has been living in the house up until about 6 months ago when he had to go to a nursing home.  The house has fallen into disrepair and we are "forced" to sell it.  We have a buyer and it is the perfect situation.  This week I am meeting my mom at the house to go through stuff.  It is just going to be hard to close this chapter.

Home Alone- It seems that I am left home alone quit a bit.  I really do enjoy my time alone and I thrive on peace and quite.  But at the same time I feel "abandon" and like nobody wants me, or I am wasting time.

Does anyone else have these feelings or is it just me?  What do you do?   Any suggestions?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Some Saturday Inspiration

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook today and I thought it was beautiful.  Such simple yet powerful words. 

I find these words to be true.  If you let the trials help you, things go much better and you come out the better for having gone through it.  (I think someone knows what they are doing)

So here's to Victor!!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

My Latest Kelly Rae Roberts Find

It reads:
As she took the journey
Back to her wings,
She embraced the truth
That she was worthy
And that she was enough,
Just as she was,
Imperfections and all.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Time For Another Post

I have always said to myself that when I reach at least 5 comments, I would do another post.  Well, I have now reached 5 comments so here comes another post.  I am sorry there is no picture.  I hope that is okay.  For some reason I think every post has to have one.  (here's to breaking out)

I just had a week off of work.  I enjoyed myself.  One highlight of the week was getting to see my two Sara/Sarahs.  They are so sweet and growing so fast.  Can you believe that I didn't take pictures of anything?  I guess I was enjoying the moment.

Things with my health coach are going well.  She is really helping me in more ways than just with the physical health aspect.  My goals for the next two weeks are going to a grocery store(I HATE that), starting to do some exercise and still keeping some of my old ones.  Today I went to Costco(no problem) and I did some exercise.  I did the Walk Away the pounds DVD-the 1 mile walk.  It was great.

Well, that is what is going on in my neck of the woods.  What is going on in yours?