Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Well here I am starting a new blog. The only difference in this blog is that only I can read it. I really just wanted a place to write about my feelings and frustrations. I also really like the idea of having another blog so I can put backgrounds on it. Sort-of decorate my pages etc. Kind of weird I know.

Anyway, I have been feeling pretty good. I just have this tired feeling and the I want to cry feeling. It is sort of like I am running around in a fog or even a numb state. I just wish I had better words to describe things.

I want these feelings to go away because I would just like to feel normal for once in my life. What would that be like, I wonder. What would I do with myself if I felt "normal"? Probably go out and conquer the world. Maybe even be like Tawanda.

My emotions are all mixed up with the feelings I am having now. Just tired and frustrated is the best way to describe them now. I really do want them to go away and stay away.

If I felt this I am not sure what would happen. Why am I afraid to feel these feelings? I wish I knew why. But do I even want to know? I don't know and I don't know how. I know that I am tired of all of this. I need to get out but, how????

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