Monday, July 19, 2010

75 Sensational Followers Reached

Well, we have reached a milestone here at I Made It Through The Rain. We are now up to 75 Followers. I am so proud. So, as promised, I am having another give away. Each person will be allowed 2 enteries this time. 1 entry for telling me what gift card you would like and 1 entry for telling me you are already a follower or that you just became one.
Please select one $20 gift card from the following list: (which one would you like to win)
1. Kohl's
2. Target
3. The Dollar Tree
4. Ross
5. Marshall's
6. Payless Shoe Source
7. Bed, Bath and Beyond
8. Michael's
9. Chevy's
10. Applebee's
11. Olive Garden
12. Red Lobster
Thank you to everyone for your support here. It makes my day.
Give away will end on Saturday, July 24 at 5:00pm CA time.


Weezer said...

Good morning, Karen. And congratulations on hitting the 75 follower mark. That's a huge accomplishment.
I'm already a follower and love your blog.
Gift card? Dollar Tree. that's where I get surprises for the grandbabies.
Have a blessed day and keep blogging.

Yenta Mary said...

Mazal Tov on the followers!!! Already a happy one here ... :) And if I were to win, my son would be THRILLED if we could go to Applebee's ....

Susan Anderson said...

Congratulations. You are growing fast over here!

I choose Target!


Brooklyn Book Lover said...

Hey, congrats on hitting 75! I'm at 39 and I feel so amazed. I can't wait to make 75!

I choose Target please. :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrat's On the 75 follower milestone Karen! That's Awesome.

Well my darling I have been a follower for a little bit now =)

And I would have to go with Olive Garden it would be wonderful to go out on a nice evening date with the husband after these long stressful days =)

I'm gonna go ahead and tweet this giveaway so we can keep spreading the word!

See Mom Smile said...

Ummmm any question that it's Target?!?!? And as you know, I am a follower. Congrats on the 75 followers!

Team Chastain said...

Marshall's and I am an old follower! LOL

Claudia said...

Hey Karen - congrats on 75 followers!
What I like even more than followers are people who comment. So thanks for commenting on my blog - and be sure, I'll be back and see what's going on at your place :=)

Becky said...

I am a new follower and Target is my pick.
I love all of your old pictures!
Thanks for the chance!

Jeanie said...

Hi I'm hopping over because of the over 40's bloggers. Then....I see you are having a contest! Well, I just became a follower. I would so love to win a Kohl's gift card.
Please, feel free to stop by my blog and become a follower.
Oh, by the way, I sell purses.

Rose said...

what a way to go #75. love Kohls

Nicole King said...

Wow you are up to 81 with me!! Your blog made me I started to follow you....I would like a gift card to Olive Garden!! Love the bread sticks and salad!