Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sundays With Karen-- A Little Different

I know this is somewhat of a tongue in cheek video but, I do have some important points to make. Yes, I admit that I did watch this show. Are we still friends?

Many times through out our lives we are warned of dangers. There are alarms that go off and lights that come on. Sometimes there are signs along the road that warn us of danger that lies ahead. These are good things because they protect us from harmful things and we should heed these warnings.

Well, have you ever thought that we are "warned" of help also. Take a look at the picture below. It warns us that help is near by. When my husband and I first saw these in our neighborhood we didn't know what they were. Just as sometimes we don't know that we are being offered help. Then, Tom finally realized that they were markers indicating that a fire hydrant was there.
A great source of help in an emergency.

We all need to be aware that help is right there waiting for us. I believe that God puts people and situations in our path to help us. I know that has been true in my life. Sometimes they might come disguised and we might not recognize them at first-just like the blue reflectors in the road. But, when help comes our way, we should heed it just like we do the warnings. They are to help and protect us also. We shouldn't be afraid to ask for or use the help that comes our way. We also shouldn't feel bad for having to take it. Are we not all here to help others? For years I felt "bad" that I couldn't take care of my son alone. When I finally realized this and sought the help I needed, it has made all the difference in the world.

So keep on heeding those warnings of danger and help that come your way.



Susan Anderson said...

Lots to think about here. Good post.


melissa said...

Hey I stumbled upon your blog and I just wanted to say how much I like it. Thanks for your posts. I am now a follower here. I will be back for more updates! :-)

Candace said...

I have never seen those markers before! I will have to look around my town and see if we have them. Great post, Karen! I watched that show too so yes, we are indeed friends. :0)

Hope you are having a great day!



Robin said...

Karen I was just taking a break from working on a lesson when I took a peek at your blog. You are a very wise woman. I love the thoughts you have expressed here. I'll bet if we paid attention to the details of our lives we would see all kinds of amazing things. I am going to find a way to work this into my seminary lesson. Keep up the good work!!

Rose said...

good post. sometimes we get side tracked and don't see the answer for help in front of us. have a good day. rose

Jane said...

What a great post with a powerful reminder. No, we can't do it all on our own sometimes....and admitting it is the first step. I love your analogy with the blue reflectors! And I won't hold it against you about Lost in Space - I used to have an awful crush on Billy Mumy!