Saturday, January 22, 2011

Going Crazy or Just Dedicated? You Decide

About a week or so ago I WON a giveaway over at Montrealaise en Californie. I won a $25 gift card to CSN Stores. I didn't get anything wonderful or glamors, like red high-heels, I got this.
Well, actually, it was two boxes of 24.

So, my question for you is, Am I crazy or

Am I just a wonderful, dedicated teacher who works for a cheap school district?

What is your vote??? Be nice now. LOL



Sue said...

Slightly crazy.

But very dedicated.


Yenta Mary said...

What you are is a fabulous woman with a generous heart, who thought of others before indulging herself ... :)

Grandma Honey said...

This is a slam dunk question.
You are crazily dedicated. Anyone who knows you, would know this to be true.

Christie Cottage said...

Crazy??? Nope! Practical! You probably would have bought them anyway and why not get them for free!

Bravo to you for not being selfish!


Alicia said...

I don't think you're crazy at all! That was very practical! I work at my children's school, so I understand why you would buy those!!

Uncle Tom said...

Karen is a dedicated professional - the world's best teacher.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

You are obviously a dedicated school teacher!

LA Adams said...

This is very funny! It's not just the district, their funds come from the state.

Kim said...

Hee! You're definitely wonderful and dedicated!

Deb said...

Love your precious heart...I vote for the dedicated teacher!!! :)