Monday, April 11, 2011

I is for Integrity

I really don't like writing about myself in this manner, but this is the only example I got. I remember a time when my integrity was put to the test. It wasn't easy but I am happy to say that I did it.(I think)
It happened when I was told that I was a carrier of Fragile X. (Valentine's Day no less) Anyway, when I was told this news, I was faced with some tough choices about what to do about having more children. (See for every pregnancy, it is a 50/50 chance that I would have a child with Fragile X)
As I thought over all my options, nothing looked very good. I had a great desire in my heart to be a mother. I have wanted to be a mother like forever. So, after my only little personal "hell" I decided to have my tubes tied.
This was not an easy decision by any means. This was harder than anything I have ever had to decide. My doctor also knew my beliefs on abortion and he told me that sometimes we have to give up our believes to full fill our dreams. Are you kidding?????
I think it was because of my deep abiding faith in God that helped pull me through. I am so grateful that I did what I did because to go against what I knew to be right and true would have been awful. I know that things will work out and be okay.
I hope this all makes sense. Sometimes it is hard to get this deep feelings out. Thanks for "listening" .



Yenta Mary said...

Integrity is so rare these days, in a world where morality seems to be more and more fluid and compromised. But whether we have a fancy car or a McMansion or designer labels ... none of that matters. The kind of person we are, especially when difficult situations arise, is the only thing that matters. And you sacrificed your own needs and desires to look at the larger situation and the risks to potential children -- you showed your love and your maternal instincts by protecting those future children ....

Tara Tyler said...

sincere blog =)
happy i day!

Grandma Honey said...

You are my hero Karen. It's one thing to believe in something, it's another to live that belief.

Anonymous said...

Integrity! LOVE that word! Something we see far too little of these days. Great post!

Susan Anderson said...

That's a wonderful example of integrity and shows how much yours means to you. Thanks for sharing this.


Candace said...

I love this heartfelt post. You are indeed a woman of integrity. Bless you, my friend! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.