Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My 24 Becauses

This Sunday, June 12, is our 24th Wedding Anniversary. These are my 24 becauses of why I love him sooooo much.
1. Because he made me a wife.
2. Because he made me a mother.
3. Because he brought a wonderful family with him.
4. Because he has been through a lot and is still faithful to God.
5. Because he is trustworthy.
6. Because he trusts me.
7. Because he is responsible.
8. Because he fixes good food to eat.
9. Because he takes good care of our yard.
10. Because he remembers I like a straw in my smoothies.
11. Because he allows me to be me.
12. Because he has a great smile.
13. Because he is funny.
14. Because he is warm when I am cold.
15. Because when I call him he says,"Hi Babe."
16. Because he is calm. (I am not always)
17. Because he makes me feel safe.
18. Because he is complementary of my blogs.
19. Because he understands me.
20. Because he says that I am the greatest.
21. Because he loves his family.
22. Because he loves my family.
23. Because he loves our son.
24. Because he loves me.

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Unknown said...

So sweet!

Susan Anderson said...

These are some very good becauses.



Kelly Lund and Kids said...

Congratulations!!! Those are wonderful reasons... Happy Anniversary :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is so sweet. Have a wonderful anniversary.

Becky Jane said...

He does have a great smile...Happy Anniversary on Sunday! You and your husband are such amazing people, I can tell by the child he sent to your home!

Breathing In Grace said...

Oh, how precious....Happy 24th to you and your hubby!!!

Lucy said...

How wonderful! Enjoy your Anniversary! I loved your 24 reasons but one really stuck out, "I love that he answers, "Hi Babe" when I call him." I enjoy those special tidbits about couples, they say a lot.

Kasala said...

Advanced wishes on your 24th wedding anniversary.

Once I have seen your post, I felt like sharing what I did on my 100 days of wedding .

I gave him a letter stating 100 reasons for loving him and a surprise treat for dinner.

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Candace said...


Happy Anniversary, Karen and Tom!