Friday, July 15, 2011

My Happy Happy Joy Joy GIVEAWAY

Here it is. My for no good reason, just because I want to have a giveaway giveaway. Below are the three items you will have a chance to win. These were all made my me. (Don't let that stop you LOL)A tote bag, 2 standard size pillow cases and an artist canvas covered with fabric.
Pillow Cases- the cuff is cotton fabric and the body is flannel. One pillow case ended up a little smaller than the other due to technical difficulties.(I sewed it wrong and had to take out the seam. It was hard to do with the flannel. Sorry)
This is just a cute little tote bag. Uses are limitless.
The fabric covered canvas. Isn't this cute? You can put it on a stand or on the wall.


Each person will have up to three chances to win.
*Leave a comment here.
*Follow this blog.
*Be friends with me on Facebook.(Karen Shepard Mortensen)
*Tell someone about this giveaway.
Each thing you do will give you one entry. (4 in all)
Let me know what you do.


I will draw three names out on Tuesday morning July 18th.
The first person I draw will have their choice of the pillow cases, bag or picture.
The second person with have their choice of what the first person left.
The third person will get the one that wasn't chosen by the first two people.

Enter the giveaway now and best of luck to everyone. See you on Tuesday morning.


Becky Jane said...

Entry #1
I know how neat your purse is cause I have one.

Becky Jane said...

Entry #2
I'm a faithful FB fan!

Becky Jane said...

Entry #3
Been a follower for a long glad I am too!

Becky Jane said...

this is not an entry, just wanted you to know I shared your giveaway on voiceBoks...hope some of my friends from there will stop in!

Anna Garcia said...

What A Good idea. I Love Hand Made goods. Anna

Candace said...

What a great giveaway, Karen! You did a wonderful job on them. They are sooo cute. I think I'm already doing just about everything to win! It's really nice to see you back. Hope you have a nice weekend!

Team Chastain said...

Super cute stuff, love how the umbrella's tie in with the theme of your blog!! You're so talented!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to everyone entering! Vistiing from the Social Tea Party!

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

You have a talent....I would need a pillow case more