Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Deep Burning Questions

I have all sorts of questions for you. Some are about blogging and some aren't. Here goes.
1. Why do people follow a blog and then stop after a while?

2. What do you do when a blog you are following doesn't update for months and doesn't say why? It is like they fall off the face of the earth.

3. How come some blogs have 1,000 of followers and get 100's of comments?

4. Is it okay to let God completely take over your life or should you help out where you can? Like , do your part?

5. Do you think it is bad to do the pledge in a public school? I do it everyday with my 1st graders. (some people think so but I don't)

6. Is there a good web site that I can go to to find ideas on how to decorate a sewing room/office?

7. When it comes to having a baby, "nobody" cares how old you are etc. but when you go to adopt one "they" care about all kinds of things?

8. How do you get excited about exercising?

9. Are there any good uplifting blogs out there that I can follow?

10. What are your plans for the Labor Day Weekend?


The Bipolar Diva said... belongs in school. the kids need to learn respect for our country, my opinion of course.

As for adopting, I know, the "rules" are crazy and there are so many kids that need good, loving homes! We've adopted six. Some days I think we were crazy, other days blessed.

And as for getting excited about exercising, I get excited when I see the results....biceps, triceps...

For labor day weekend, absolutely nothing!

Katie Gates said...

Hi Karen,

When I first began to read this post, I thought I could be helpful. But then, as the questions became more eclectic, I wasn't sure whether or not you were actually looking for an answer I could provide...

Beginning last week, I joined a Writers Campaign, and insofar as that's become viral, I've gained a bunch of "followers" (whatever that means). I've also got those number issues on my mind. I, too, am perplexed sometimes by the number of followers and commenters a certain blogger gets. Truly, I wonder. What does s/he have that I don't?

Regardless and for me, I guess, the true value is revealed in the repeat-customers. If someone is a "follower," that just means they hit a few keys. But, if they chime in on the comments regularly, then I guess they actually like my writing.

When someone genuinely indicates that they like my writing, then that's the deal. That's the REASON that I blog.

Good wishes to you, Karen.
- Katie

Susan Anderson said...

I think people tend to follow a blog on the strength of one or a couple of posts that appeal to them, then realize over time that they are not as interested in a blog in general as they thought.

I also think some people follow just to get followers and not because they like reading.

Like Katie, I think the proof is in the comments.


TS Hendrik said...

Number 7 wasn't really phrased as a question. And the answer to number 8 is dangle a cupcake from a stick in front of you.

The answer to 1 & 2 has to do with the fact that it's hard to commit to the blogging lifestyle. Most blogs don't last longer than a month.

9. What do you define as uplifting in this instance?

Air Purifiers said...

One of the biggest things I've learned about blogging is being careful to not take things too personally. Maybe someone quit following because they decided to reorganize their productivity schedule and had to cut out some online reading... etc. You just never know, just focus on the present and the good and go forward!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So many questions. I do think the pledge should be said everyday! I don't get excited about exercise so when you get that answer let me know.

Pitterle Postings said...

Oh, there are so many wonderful blogs out there. What kind are you looking for. One of the easiest ways to find good blogs is to take the ones you like and look at the blogs they follow. I have found some pretty amazing ones that way. If you want some specific ones, send me an email and I will try and help you. I do like the group the Sits girls. They review a lot of blogs and there seems to be ones that I like quite often.

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

Wow, this was a very thought provoking post, Karen.

I don't know why folks stop 'following' blogs. It never made sense to me.

When bloggers don't update for a month or more and they are bloggers I have interaction with, I email them to check on how they are.

Most bloggers don't leave comments when they blog hop because they don't feel they have the they 'lurk'.

I think God wants us to do our part...I call it 'driving the truck for Jesus'.

I think the pledge should be said in school...including 'one nation, under God'.

I have a bunch of decorating and organizing blogs on my bloglist at the bottom of my blog page. A few of my blog buddies have decorated sewing rooms, craft rooms and offices.

I have more than one issue when it comes to who gets to adopt. There are so many children out there and so many loving homes waiting for them.

I don't think you get excited about exercising until you're in the shower after each session. You get excited about being done with it for that day. :)

I find most of the blogs I read uplifting in one way or another. One of the spiritually uplifting blogs I enjoy is 160 Acre Woods.

I plan to spend time with family over the weekend.

I can't believe I responded to each of your numbered items.

Becky Jane said...

You've got some good thought provoking questions...
2. Ask them if they're still there.
3. They have followers that care and also they leave good comments on other blogs + their just lucky!
4. We must do our part.
5. The pledge is vital to teach love of country!
6. I use Google search
7. They also don't ask parents about their financial situation before allowing the mother to give birth. But adopting parents have to meet all sorts of financial criteria.
8. I don'
9. Go to and meet all sorts of amazing women with uplifting blogs. Plus my Christian Moms blog hop has lots of great blogs listed!
10. No plans, want to come over? Happy weekend sweet Karen!

Lucy said...

Wow, great questions!

Most blogs don't last past six months and those that do typically only survive 3 years, unless they are professional bloggers.

I took a long break from blogging. I just lacked inspiration.

I follow a lot of blogs and don't always leave a comment. I like to leave comments when I feel like I am really commenting and contributing. In addition, I don't always have the time to comment. Oh, and I personally have no problem with lurkers, I rather have people reading my blog then not reading. I love comments but if they don't have time or don't feel comfortable that is fine and I still hope they read!

I can't help you with sewing rooms, I can't sew, I wish I had that talent!

I have no problem with kids saying the pledge! It is your classroom and you are the teacher so if you think it is the best way to start the day then go for it!!

Oh, and having a baby versus adoption. Well, a woman doesn't have to go through paperwork and agencies to have a child but adopting requires a lot of red tape and unfortunately we have built in belief systems that get tangled up in red tape.

Our Anniversary always falls on Labor Day weekend, this year we are celebrating our 24th Anniversary. We are going to a secluded resort for two nights!

Have a wonderful Holiday Weekend!

Candace said...

You've had a lot on your mind this past week, haven't you?!

4. I think it's a partnership with God. As you are in relationship with Him, He orders your steps and you take them.

5. I think you should do the pledge personally.

6. Pinterest....without a doubt. If you aren't on there yet and want an invite, let me know and I will send you one. You will get ideas about that but also lots of ideas about other areas too. I could see that it would be invaluable as a teacher.

8. If you figure out the answer to that one, would you please share it with me? You will make a fortune passing that one along. :)

10. Quiet time at home. Kids over for dinner on Monday.

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend with your family!

Tina L. Hook said...

If you find a good answer to questions 1, 2 & 3 I would love to know.

Alison Miller said...

Always curious about #3 myself!

And follow Katy Upperman - she's so uplifting!

Have a great week!