Monday, August 29, 2011

Happiness Project At Leigh Vs Laundry-Getting Rid Of Bad TV

I made a decision to get rid of some bad TV in my life. I wasn't feeling too good inside and every time I would hear something at church or from other places, the little voice in my head told me to stop watching Baggage on GSN. Finally I took heed and stopped watching it. Boy do I feel better. So as a result:
I am no longer a newlywed.
I am no longer in a love triangle.
And I have no more baggage.

My soul sure feels a lot lighter since getting rid of these things.


Susan Anderson said...

I've never seen Baggage or even heard of it, but if you've decided to give it the old heave-ho, then I bet you're right!


Becky Jane said...

Karen, You ROCK!

I just got caught up on your posts. So glad being back to school and teaching anew grade is working out for you!

Poor Charlie Brown...he needs more blog friends like you and less people like Lucy! LOL

Unknown said...

I've never heard of any of those shows, but if they were baggage then good for you!

Discount Furniture Burbank said...

Do you still watch TV? What are your favorite shows? I myself am partial to old re-runs of Friends or Seinfeld! :)


Unknown said...

I find I have really reduced the amount of time I watch tv since I started I blog. I still have a couple of favourite shows, but that is it.
Thanks for stopping by.

Grandma Honey said...

Nice to know I haven't missed anything. Sometimes I feel bad that I am so out of it with what is going on in TV land.

Candace said...

Those kinds of decisions are hard to make but they certainly feel good when you make them. Good for you! The only one that I've ever heard of us is the Newlywed Game and that was from decades ago. I had no idea that was still on or maybe on again. I can't even imagine what it would like in this day and age.