Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm Excited

Lots of good things are coming up for me.  I am pretty excited about it.

Tomorrow DANIEL IS COMING for a visit.  I am excited to see him.  I will probably not get much sleep, but I will get lots of hugs.  I always love a Daniel hug.  What other 23 year old would let him mom hug and kiss him?  It is awesome.

This weekend is GENERAL CONFERENCE for our church.  The leaders of our church speak to us about what we need to know and what we should be doing.  I hope I don't have too many things to add to the list?  LOL  The good thing is that it is on TV and Tom doesn't have to go to any meetings like he usually does on Sundays.

I have 1 more week of work and then I am off for EASTER BREAK.  We get a whole week off.  I have big plans for that week.  I am going on the train to SLC with my mom and my niece, McKenzie.  Should be fun and do I dare say exciting?  

What excitement is coming your way?


The Bipolar Diva said...

I'm kind of afraid to find out what excitement is coming my way!

The Bipolar Diva said...

Oh, and have fun with Daniel!

Yenta Mary said...

Oh a visit with Daniel will be fabulous! My 21-year-old has NO use for hugs, so I'm envious ... :)

Susan Anderson said...

Have a wonderful time with Daniel. And I am looking forward to conference, too, though I won't be home till tomorrow night. But I DVRd Saturday's session.


Christie Cottage said...

How wonderful!!! Enjoy those hugs and kisses. I think they secretly enjoy them! LOL

Cool on the m=conference, watching on TV.

Enjoy your Easter break too!


Grandma Honey said...

Have fun with Daniel and enjoy every minute of his visit!
I hope you have a great trip to SLC and also hope you share the trip with us. Will you be bringing your laptop?

Tracy said...

I hope you had a blessed memorable time with Daneil...I happened to send mine away for a trip to Gettsyburg with his Boy Scout troop until Thursday :( He b'day is Wed....first one he'll spend away from us in his 13 years!