Saturday, March 21, 2015

I Just Feel The Need To Blog/Write Something

I just feel the need to blog today.  I don't have any pictures to put up with it.  Hope that is okay.  If you have one that will work, please send it over.

I have been a bit overwhelmed lately.  I have had a lot to do.  Grading papers, doing report cards etc.  But the reason I have been overwhelmed is due to procrastination.  I have had plenty of time to do these things, but for some reason I had this big mental block to do it.  Do you ever get that way?  What do you do?

The kids at school are doing pretty well and are progressing despite their teacher(me).  But I do love them and for some reason they love me too.  I just can't believe how big they are all getting.

Daniel is doing well and is happy.  He was taken off of my health insurance because of his age.  But he is all okay because he has medical and got assigned to Kaiser so there will be no disruption in his medical care.  That was a great relief to me.

Tom is doing well.  Him and his office partners just changed offices(same complex) and they really like it a lot.  The rent is also cheaper.  Tom works with great people.  Everything related to the move worked out well.  Just all feel into place.

In a couple of weeks our daughter Mary and her 3 kids are coming to visit us.  We are so excited.  I really need to get the house cleaned but of course I have this mental block against that too.  In fact my Christmas decorations are still waiting to be put away.  (don't judge me)  LOL

Well, despite any mental blocks that I have, I can't help but to think how truly blessed I am and how I can see God's hand in all I do.

Hope everyone is doing well.


Grandma Honey said...

I started a system over 2 years ago where everyday I do one job 5 or 10 min job I don't want to do. I mark it off on my calendar. Sometimes I get behind and that's okay….I just do 3 jobs or however many it takes in one day to get caught up. I can also do several jobs in a row and mark those off ahead of time. But I am not allowed to turn the calendar to the next month until I am caught up. It might sound crazy but I'm amazed at how well it works for me.

vickit43 said...

I know how you feel. I have days like this sometimes several days in a row. I don't have an answer but to look to God. I have been trying to find my inner peace and this all began with reading my devotions and bible everyday. I also try to do a little house work everyday. It seems to work. I do have days that I get behind though because I just need to be outside or that I just don't care.

Christie Cottage said...

I feel your pain! I have been procrastinated cleaning something up so someone who is interested in buying it can come and see it. This afternoon, I plan to get out there in the mud and get that taken care of.

I am trying to clear things out of the house. Something I always plan to do and I will get after it hot and heavy and then... nothing. I keep saying it's because it makes such a mess to clean out closets. That is true, but I am using it for an excuse. With that being said, after Easter when there is a lull in expected company, I am going to empty one closet at a time and lay it all out in one bedroom to go through it all. Then away it goes!!!!

Church is planning a yard sale for missions and that would be a great opportunity for the "stuff" to go to a good cause!

Have a blessed day!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm a pro at procrastination! I have no good advice to give you. Glad that the switch over on the health insurance went well for Daniel. Having house guests is great motivation for cleaning! Enjoy your company.

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

I feel your pain! I have many mental blocks too. I don't know how to get over them, just one day at a time! Great to see your daughter and gkids!!

Susan Anderson said...

Great to hear from you, and I'm glad your move went well. I think we all procrastinate now and then. My mom just got her decorations down, too.

Enjoy the visit of Mary and her family! I know you will.