Sunday, April 5, 2015

A To Z Blogging Challenge Enthusiasm

 Means eager; interest; zeal.

It can be truly amazing how better things can be when done with enthusiasm.  It makes things just go a whole lot better.  Make things funner too. (is that a word???)


holli said...

enthusiasm is a great quality. I try to have it as much as possible. very interesting theme.
Stopping by from the a to z challenge.

T. Powell Coltrin said...

I'm enthusiastic until I get tired. :)

S. L. Hennessy said...

It's all about attitude. Being positive and enthusiastic can make things all the better.

Good luck with the 2015 A to Z Challenge!
A to Z Co-Host S. L. Hennessy

vickit43 said...

If only Enthusiasm would last longer than it does. I will work my spirit up and be all enthusiastic about getting healthy and on track and then I lose it. Oh well