Friday, April 17, 2015

A To Z Blogging Challenge Patience

 Patience means a willingness to put up with waiting, pain, trouble etc; calm endurance without complaining or loosing self-control.  

Looking over my life I know I was defiantly put on this earth to learn patience.  Things that I have truly desired have come to me but have come in time.  I have really learned to wait and not to rush things to happen.


cleemckenzie said...

I can be patient at times, but at others not so much.

Christie Cottage said...

Patience is truly a virtue!

I love the scripture that reads "Be still and know that I am God"

When I feel inpatient I recite that.


holli said...

Patience is something I pray for at least once a week. It doesn't always come easy for me and ESPECIALLY in traffic.

vickit43 said...

I try to have patience. Being a mom of two sons that have fragile x I have to have a lot of patience!