Sunday, March 14, 2010

I am loosing my happy feeling. I knew this would happen it always does. This is why I get so nervous when I feel good. I only know it is temporary. Anyway, I hired this lady to design a blog for me. She did okay but not that great. Anyway, I contacted another one and I thought I was clear but apparently not. She had a whole new header designed. It was okay but not what I was really looking for. She got offended I guess and told me to contact the original designer. What a mess. Why can't we work together? So now I guess I have to find another one. What is so hard about designing a blog around a certain picture? It seems like no one can do it. I am also frustrated and tired. I wish I could go to bed and stay there for a week. As Greta Garbo said, "I want to be alone." (not all the time, just for a little while) Is that so bad?

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Susan Anderson said...

I like my blog designer. Her button is at the very bottom of my right sidebar, if you want to check it out. She was very good about doing what I wanted and "getting" what I was talking about.

Good luck!