Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's OK Tuesday- Just Random

...that I talk to myself when I am in public.
...that I have watched Steel Magnolias so many times I don't need to see what is going on, I can say the words along with the actors, and I quote it in conversation. (I love that movie)
...that I went to see an American Girl Doll movie by myself a few summers ago. (Kit)
...that I buy shoes from the kids department.(I have 5 pairs now)
...that I get my best ideas sitting in the bathtub.
...that I don't have a DVR. If I did I wouldn't know how to work it.
...that I don't text people.
...that I like blog surfing better than being with people.
...that I am fifty years old and have dolls.Sorry but I love them. My mom gave me Molly for Christmas a couple of years ago and I slept with her the first night. (Please don't tell anyone)
...that I buy shampoo from the Dollar Tree.
Okay, that's enough for one day. That's okay, isn't it.



Kerri said...

I LOVE Steel Magnolias...Sally Fields...that scene after the funeral.. OH MY GOSH.

I don't text either. Never have.
I had a doll collection until a few years ago...I was planning on passing them down to my daughter if I ever had one, but since I'm only having one child, and HE is ALL boy, I gave em up.

Michele Chastain said...

Oh I love this idea of listing things that are 'OK' -- mind if I borrow it sometime for my own blog? I love the many inspiring women I've found on blogger!


Jill Shelley said...

What is a DVR?
I also talk to myself in public. My mother use to do the same thing!

Sue said...

Works for me!


Just Breathe said...

To each his own, I would never judge you. I love that movie too!

~*~Eneida~*~ said...

Very cute! Congrats on all the "great blogger" awards...I love your blog! Can't wait to read more:o)