Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm Devoid Of All Thoughts

I think my brain has left my body. I don't know what to "blame" it on. I can't say my kids-they are all grown and gone. I can't say PMS because I am over that-I've changed. I can't blame it on my job or my boss-I love both. I can't even blame it on my husband- he is wonderful and he told me he loved me more than I can imagine. :) :) So who does that leave-me? It can't be that because I am so awesome and not to mention humble.

Sometimes, I think it is me. I sometimes put too high of expectations on myself or get my hopes up too high. I need to relax and enjoy the moment.(that's my word of the year and I am not doing too well sometimes. Maybe I should continue that word next year???)

I always talk myself out of blog posts for one reason or another. I think I should stop listening to myself. I just need to go with the flow as they say. Hey, maybe I need to go eat some popcorn and eat some candy corn. On second thought, could that be why my mind has left my body? Don't answer that? LOL

What do you do when you mind is devoid of all thoughts, etc, etc????


Pitterle Postings said...


I had the same problem yesterday and today. No time to write, called out to run on the ambulance, no sleep, I could go on and on. Finally, tonight, I just sat down and started to write. Sometimes it really helps if I give myself a one word prompt and try and find something that way. It is amazing how much help a single word can be. I thought yours was a good night though. I think it is important to take a break every once in awhile and just write for yourself. Besides, popcorn sounds pretty good right now...I wonder if I can get hubs to make some kettle corn?????

Grandma Honey said...

I know what you mean, I talk myself out of posts too. You should see all the posts I have written but never press publish.

Candace said...

I am the exact opposite at the moment. I have too many thoughts and most of which I couldn't possibly share. I can relate with having posts that I don't publish. There are a smattering of those in my blogger file, as well.

Susan Anderson said...

When my mind is devoid of thoughts for blogging, I look at photos and see if that jogs something.

When my mind is devoid of thoughts in general, I read the scriptures and/or religious non-fiction. That usually gets me thinking!


PS. Love the clipart of that lady tearing her hair out. =D

Ashley said...

You can always call McKenzie... she will give you more thoughts than you could ever ask for!

LA Adams said...

This is hilarious! Just write about the little nothings - you'll make them great!

Yenta Mary said...

Oh, I wish I could shut my brain OFF rather than the other way around! Too much noise, it's always spinning. I think you should just use this as a journal; if a question or a notion comes to you, toss it out there - start a conversation!