Monday, June 3, 2013

My Mother's Garden

Every since I can remember my mother has always had a garden. She has always been very good at it. She learned from the best, her mother. Nannie could grow anything.
The beautiful garden in the corner of the back yard.
I am jealous of her tomato plants.  She has a lot on there.

Some squash and onion.


Christie Cottage said...

It looks pretty!

I have some raised bed and only one has anything growing... potatoes. Someone promised me seeds, but that never came to be.

Pumpkins are growing in a mound. My grandson had me save every single seed from his giant pumpkin last year and we plated 100 or so. All cose together .

I have watermelons coming up too. I hope both the pumpkins and watermelons do well so I can sit up by the highway and sell some!

Tomatoes I have given up on. BY the time I buy the plants and pay for our expensive rural water ($60 or so a month for one person!) it is less expensive to buy tomatoes at the store.

Have a wonderful day!


Becky Jane said...

Your mothers garden is amazing. So beautifully kept. I ♥ the fence around it and the raised boxes. Her growing season must start sooner than mine - my tomatoes are about 1/2 the size.

Susan Anderson said...

I love a garden. And fresh tomatoes!


Anonymous said...

Your mother’s garden looks neat and well-arranged! Is it solely for vegetable crops or does she have plans adding other types of plants, perhaps half of it for the vegetables and the other half for wild flowers? Would love to see updates!