Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Happy Peaceful Place

Do you have a happy place? A place you go to think or feel comfort? I do. It is a room straight at the end of the hallway. We call it Daniel's room.  I always feel so peaceful in there.  It is my quiet place away from the world..  Here are a bunch of pictures of things in his room.  I hope you are able to see why I like it so much.
Our Daniel and the Lions Den collection.
His hand print when he was about 5.

I hang this angel on his closet door to watch over and protect him.


Christie Cottage said...

Wonderful quiet place!

I sit in the old fashioned metal lawn chair on my front porch. Sometimes my quiet place is to walk in the woods out front or out back, depending on my mood. Once summer is here, I don't wander in too deep because it is snake city.

Early morning on my front porch, a cup of coffee and unbrushed hair. That is peaceful to me!


Susan Anderson said...

It looks perfect!

I like to go to my office or sit in my favorite chair in the living room.

I also love the back patio on a nice day.


Grandma Honey said...

Such sweet collections.

Unknown said...

I take my dog for a run in the apple orchard behind our church. I talk to myself about what I know for certain, then I move on to what I'm pretty sure of, and then I ask my deep questions. Focusing on what I know to be true helps center and calm me.

Sylvia Ney said...

Wonderful! I enjoyed the pictures.

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

I cannot believe that I have not come by to see your nice happy place....mine is on my deck when the temps are right

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful quiet place. I love the idea about hanging an angel on the closet to keep away the monsters. I think that I will have to try that. Thank you for the post.

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Uncle Tom said...

I love that room, too. There are lots of wonderful vibes there. There is a special framed picture of Daniel when he was a little baby in that room - maybe Karen will post it someday.

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