Friday, September 20, 2013

Chicago Summer Of 2013

 This might have been the view from our hotel room.
 McKenzie standing on the sky deck.  Mom and I were too chicken to stand out there.
 McKenzie poising with Miss Illinois.
 View of the Navy Pier.
 Beautiful buildings in Chicago.
The famous Bean statue.


Christie Cottage said...

Great pictures! I have never seen that bean statue


Kim@stuffcould.... said...

I have always heard how pretty Chicago was...your pictures prove it. I agree with the sky deck, scary

Susan Anderson said...

We just got home from Chicago last month. It was gorgeous weather, not even humid at all. I, too, had forgotten what a beautiful place it can be. Except for in the winter! That, I remember all too well...

Dave is from Chicago, and we lived there the first three years of our marriage.


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Grandma Honey said...

OH wow! Somehow I missed these! How in the world did McKenzie find Miss Illinois?