Monday, April 20, 2015

A To Z Blogging Challenge Don't Quit

 This quote is perfect for this challenge.
I love all of these quotes and they have all inspired me at some point in my life.  At times I find myself having trouble with this.  I just get so tired of fighting the feelings I have that come with having the full mutation of the fragile x gene.  But when I feel like throwing in the towel, one of these quotes will appear on Facebook and my resolve to keep going is invigorated.


holli said...

I hate to quit anything. There are times that I've had to simply because I couldn't proceed. I feel like quitting isn't necessarily giving up. Its doing the best you can sometimes until you cant go farther.
Hang in there!!! Sending hugs.

emilia.m said...

as much as there are things worth quitting, there are those that we should persevere at...
loved the quotes! thank you!

/passing by from a-z challenge.../

Visits With Mary said...

Great quotes Karen. Little things like this can be a big inspiration for us. I've enjoyed your visits to my blog and the nice comments you always leave. Thank you. I enjoyed visiting with you today, I'll see you again soon!

Elizabeth Mueller said...

The first quote is very thought-provoking. Thank you for sharing these with us.


Let me tell you something about Fragile X, earth, and Heavenly Father's plan:

my hubby's sister has been struggling all her life with this and this is what he believes (I love this): she, along with many others, were those who escorted Satan and the 1/3 of his angels from Heaven. It is a way to protect their sweet souls so that the devil and his followers could *not* cause them any harm.

I hope that has inspired you--you have a very special spirit there who has chosen you as his mom and you will be blessed if you but endure to the end (no quitting, girl!!!). <3

Elizabeth Mueller
AtoZ 2015
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Elizabeth Mueller said...

PS: you are a beautiful soul

vickit43 said...

Another great one "Don't Give Up"