Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Want To Do Something Nice

I have always tried to be nice to everyone. I have always had the desire to want to make someone's life better because of knowing me. I am not sure if I have succeeded, but I have tried nonetheless. In a way I think I have always had that dream of having the same thing happen to me that Jimmy Stewart did in It's a Wonderful Life. But I digress.....

Anyway, I have been inspired lately by Debbie over at For Your Tears. Please see the post below this one. I don't know how to do that link up thing yet. I would really like to do something like she does, but what? I have a few ideas but not many.

I would like to do something for a woman who has just found out that she has a special needs child, someone who has to put their child in a group home or for a woman who can't have any more children-not by choice. Sort of had the reproductive rights ripped right out from under them. I have had experience in all of these areas.

I would really like to be there for someone. I wish I would have had someone there for me like this. Someone who had already been through it.

So, I welcome any all suggestions on what I might call it and what I can do for these women. Thanks for all your help with this desire of mine.



Katie Gates said...

Karen, Thanks for following and leaving a comment on this SITS shareday. It's not your age! I'm 52 and have been watching Idol for years! (Maybe one just needs to start younger?) Regardless, I saw on your profile that you're a Libra. Me too, and I encourage you to read my last week's (May 26)post, which has an astrological theme. You also might appreciate this much longer posting from late Sept 09. (It's re the decision-making challenges we Libras are famous for.) Here's the link:

Betsy ( said...

I love the golden rule, too. You have a great attitude after all you've been through!

Found you on Lady Bloggers!

Family-Friendly Product Reviews said...

I'm from the Lady Bloggers Tea are you? I'm your newest follower! If you get a chance, stop on by my blog too for a visit! Have a great weekend!

Susie @ A Slice of My Life said...

I think it's wonderful that you want to do something for others...and you've chosen a niche that could really benefit from whatever you can give them.

Kerri Sweeris said...

Hey Karen,

I was a nanny for a Fragile X child almost 20 years ago. They didn't know what he (Alex) had at the time, although they were thinking some kind of autism. He was such a precious child. I took care of him for a year when he was 4 year old. He will always have a special place in my heart.

I gave the Fragile X website you had on your other blog to Alex's mom.

I think it's wonderful that you want to do something like the hankie...let me tell you personally, I can't have any more children, and it's not by choice. I have myasthenia gravis, and I have a miracle child, Jacob, who will be 4 in August. It took me 5 years to get back (almost) to the place I was before I had him. Now I'm almost 40, and it just wasn't possible to have him one moment before I did. So yah, having that choice made for you is not a lot of fun.

I just have to remember that God is in control, and He knows best.

God bless you and your family.

Lizzie said...

Bless your heart what a wonderful thing it is you want to do. I am sorry you have been there and were alone but I hope you can minister to others so that they won't have to be.
Stopped by from SITS, hope you have a great day.

Kim said...

I think that, in today's world, a kind gesture is so unexpected and wonderful that ANY thing you do for these women will be appreciated

Just after I gave birth to my twins, an acquaintance organized a bunch of people (who I didn't know at all) to bring our family dinners for 2 weeks!! It was such a blessing, I can't even tell you, because on top of the sleep deprivation/newborn issues that everyone goes through, I was recovering from an emergency C-section AND I had gotten really super sick while in the hospital so I was just physically wiped out and couldn't stand in the kitchen even if I wanted to.

That a HUGE gesture of kindness, but sometimes little things like a note of encouragement or a bouquet of flowers "just because" can be the encouragement that a person needs.

You seem like such a warm, kind person and I'm so impressed at your thoughtfulness towards others!

Susan Anderson said...

Something wonderful and fulfilling will come along for you to do because you are open to it.



Oh, I totally love this post. A deep desire to serve is so powerful. It's a gift, many people don't have that desire burning in them. Go for it, you're awesome!

Tina L. Hook said...

I would search your local non-profit organizations for volunteer opportunities. There are plenty of organizations that deal with the scenarios you described.