Monday, September 3, 2012

What Should I Call You?

Several weeks ago Tom and I flew to New Jersey to visit Tom's daughter Mary and her family.  As we got into the car at the airport, Amy, the beautiful little girl above, asked me this question.  What should I call you?  Just to explain some- Amy is my step-granddaughter(I hate that term) and so I guess she was a little concerned about what to call me.  I didn't quiet know what to say.  But somehow we settled on Grandma.(  I loved being called Grandma the whole time I was there.)

Anyway, what do your grandchildren call you?  Could I steal, borrow, I mean use it?  I think it would be cool to come up with some kind of different name to call me.  I have thought about this and can't really come up with anything.  I called my one grandma Grandma Shepard and my other one was Nannie.  I don't want them to call me Grandma Mortensen because that is just too impersonal etc.  I would  not mind if they called me Nannie but I don't feel too worthy of that name.  It is just to sacred and holy in my mind.  (I loved Nannie and I don't think I could measure up to her).

Please help me come up with a name.  Thanks.

PS This is kind of new for me but I love it.


Uncle Tom said...

"Grandma" works just fine. Don't over think it.

Candace said...

What a beautiful young lady! It's so nice when the grandkids call your name. It really doesn't matter what name they use when they do it. Tom is right. "Grandma" does work; but if you aren't quite settled on it, you should keep looking. I'm "Granna" and couldn't be happier with that choice. You could try that one on and see how you like it. I could definitely see you as a "Granna".

Breathing In Grace said...

She's so pretty!!! I started out as Nana, but when our oldest GRANDson was about 2, he started calling me Nannie and I've been Nannie ever since...and I LOVE it!!!

Grandma Honey said...

Maybe you could ask her to help you come up with a name. She might really have an idea. It was Elora who named me Grandma Honey.

Susan Anderson said...

Mine just call me Grandma. I wish I had thought of something more original for myself. The grandma on their mom's side is called "Nammy."


Kim said...

My children call my mom, "Grandma Taylor" and my stepmom, "Grandma Vickie."